Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Create the new transaction - MDBREADMI Part 2 of 3

It is possible to create the transaction manually in smart office using MRS001 programs and transactions.  I think it is much easier though to use the process below.

a) From your API tools folder, run the MdbRead.exe program

b) You will need the Host, Port, User and Password values to start the tool.

These are the same parameters needed for the more common MITEST program.

c) Enter the name of the file then click the define new transaction button

This will populate all the inbound (key fields).  These are all required for a GET transaction, For a LST transaction you delete the ones you don't need.

d) You need to remove the Inbound fields one at a time by pressing the Remove last field button

e) Keep removing the fields until you have ONE more than the value you are going to use to select

I am going to be passing in a Customer Number value, so I need to keep Customer Number and Item Number.  The Customer Number is treated as the key field which I will be passing.  The Item Number is treated as a positional field.

f) Next add the output fields you need

g) Continue until you have all the fields you need

h) When you have all the output fields you need, press the Create Lst Trans button.

The Create Lst trans button does not provide a message box similar to "LstOOLINE71 Created", so if you are sure you pressed the button, don't press it again otherwise you will get another "LstOOLINE7101" which will need to be manually deleted using MRS001

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  1. Thanks for this post, However we would like to use SelTrans, how it differs from GET/LST. Can you pls provide example.
    We have created SelTrans but I don't see the difference between Sel & Get. Could you pls guide fo SelTrans as we wanted to give SQL Where Clause Filter Condition with Proper Index.
    Appreciate your advise.