Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Testing the new transaction - MDBREADMI Part 3 of 3

Find the Transaction

a) Run Program MRS001 from SmartOffice and position to Program MDBREADMI

b) Right click for transactions then position to LstOOLINE71

I created a Lst transaction, over OOLINE71

Test the Transaction


b) Enter the customer number you wish to search for.

c) You may get the error below

d) Only if you get the error above do you need to Clear Metadata Cache

e) The results are displayed below

Now all that remains is to add this new API transaction to the Mashup.

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  1. Thanks for this post, However we would like to use SelTrans, how it differs from GET/LST. Can you pls provide example.
    We have created SelTrans but I don't see the difference between Sel & Get. Could you pls guide fo SelTrans as we wanted to give SQL Where Clause Filter Condition with Proper Index.
    Appreciate your advise.