Friday, December 18, 2015

Event DB changes

It is also possible to create events that can monitor for field changes.  This is not as comprehensive as the full audit trail functionality, but is easy to setup and may be sufficient in some cases.

Setup for database logging

a) Change the existing record in CMS045

b) Check the box for event DB changes (CMS912)

c) Open the related program CMS048 to define the fields

d) Create a new field you are interested in

e) Mark the field as active

f) Stop auto job CMS912

g) Start the auto job

View the log entries

a) Start from CMS045

b) In CMS048 display the Event Log

c) Display the details of the entry

d) Below shows the old and new values and who made the change

e) This data is stored in csylog and can be retrieved by the sql statement below

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