Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Research the file you want to use - MDBREADMI Part 1 of 3

MDBREADMI is a new API which performs SQL like select statements against M3 tables.  After you create the new API transaction you can easily use this in for example a Mashup.

a) Find the table you are looking for in MDP

I am going to use OOLINE

b) Review the available indexes for the table you wish to select over

You need to find an index in the order you need.

c) Take note of the Keys

If you are going to create a GET transaction you will need all the keys, I'm going to create a LST transaction.

d) Take note of the output fields you wish to be returned from the transaction you are about to create.


  1. Hello
    Thanks for this post, However we would like to use SelTrans, how it differs from GET/LST. Can you pls provide example.
    Appreciate your advise.

  2. We have created SelTrans but I don't see the difference between Sel & Get. Could you pls guide fo SelTrans as we wanted to give SQL Where Clause Filter Condition with Proper Index.
    Pls advise