Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Setup for Email which launches Smart Office - Events Part 2 of 6

This will only work if you have already completed Events Part 1

a) First sign on to Smart Office

b) Start program CRS438 and display the record for your user profile.

c) Remember the values for UI install pt, UI server and UI srvr profile

d) Start program CRS437 and create a new UI server ID

e) Start program CRS427 and create a new record for your user profile

Application message type = 12 for Event based messages

Send e-mail = 2 for Email with bookmark link

Note that if you only wish to receive an email with no bookmark type link, there is no need to create a UI server ID value in CRS437 and you would specify the CRS427 record as below

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  1. May be worth noting that the CRS438 record is only there if a user has signed into Smart Office