Thursday, December 17, 2015

Define the Event Based Alert - Events Part 5 of 6

If you have been following along up until now you should now have all the background pieces in place. The next step is to create the subscription and event(s) associated with it.

a) Subscriptions are defined in program CMS045

For an M3 event, the Event Name should be the M3 table name.

The 'Ev name op' should be the database operation you are trying to capture.  I have selected an update transaction.

The 'Event publ' should be M3.

In summary, we are subscribed to events published by M3 when an Update to the table OCUSMA occurs.

b) Mark the status as preliminary until it is configured

c) With the subscription in place, next step is to define the alert.  This is done in CMS047 which you launch from a related option in CMS045

d) Create a new record in CMS047

It is possible to have more than one alert for a subscription, I am using 1 for the RID above.

e) On the E panel you define the event

I have defined the logical formula such that the event is processed when the customer name is changed.

I have hard coded a receiver for the event.

When the 'receiver' opens the event, smart office will open the program in change mode (option 2) on the E panel, positioned to field CUNM (Customer Name)

f) When you are done, remember to set the subscription status to 20

g) It is not enough to just change the status.  The auto job needed to be stopped.

h) And of course, started again.

All that remains is to wait until someone changes a customer name.

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