Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Setup for Email - Events Part 1 of 6

If you don't already have working email functionality in CRS111, you are going to need to change some properties and create at least one email record.

1. Change the property

From within Life Cycle Manager (LCM)

a) Select the Configure Application option against the Business Engine component.

b) Then take the Edit properties link

c) Search for the parameter you wish you change

d) Click on the IP Address to bring up the update property dialog

e) Change the value and update the property

f) Save the changes to the configuration

g) Changes are not active until after you stop and start the Business Engine component

2. Create an email record

From within Smart Office - or H5 client

a) Add a record to CRS111

b) Add the email address

c) Test the email address

d) Look for the email message - in my case Outlook

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